Saturn's moon, Titan has more hydrocarbons than Earth

Saturn's moon, Titan has more hydrocarbons than Earth

Titan, the largest of Saturn's moon. It is the only moon with a dense atmosphere.

According to data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft, Titan has hundreds of times more liquid hydrocarbons than all Earth's known oil and natural gas reserves.

It rains liquid hydrocarbons from the sky and these are collected in lakes and dunes. Titan climate is very cold around -179 degrees Celsius.

About 20 percent of Titan's surface are mapped by Cassini's radar. The radar has detected and estimated that few hundred lakes and seas contain more liquid hydrocarbon than Earth's gas and oil reserves. The dark dunes along the moon's equator has several hundred times more coal than Earth's reserves.

According to Dr. Robert Zubrin, titan has a lot of elements required to support life. That makes it the most eligible moon for humans to colonize it. The atmosphere contains nitrogen and methane in abundance. It has the liquid water and ammonia under its surface. Water can be used to generate oxygen. Fertilizer can be produced from ammonia, methane and nitrogen for growing food.

It's hydrocarbons can used for fuel for generators, machines and spacecrafts.

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